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If you would like to trial our gym please email Chris Game   tpi_certified_logo2 If you have any questions about health or fitness, and to book your TPI screening please contact Mike  or Jamie now!

The Gym

The gym at City Golf has less members per square foot than any other gym in the square mile, providing a more enjoyable and relaxing environment to train.

One to one training programmes integrate principles of core stability and total body conditioning. Training incorporates elements of flexibility, cardio respiratory, core, balance, power and strength into each session thereby developing and improving levels of functional strength, neuromuscular efficiency and dynamic flexibility. Our Trainers charge £50-£80 per hour.


TITLEIST PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE practitioners are now at City Golf 

Leading tour professionals around the world are currently making use of TPI training. Now you can too.

Our goal is to improve the physical condition of your body, allowing you to swing the club the way your golf coach wants you to.

Our unique set of specific physical tests will identify exactly what has been holding your swing back and/or causing you pain.

We work closely with golf professionals to make sure that all corrections and physical improvements made are in line with your specific swing characteristics.

Please contact Mike 07980447160 or Jamie to book your consultation.

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